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Monday, October 29, 2012

Mask of the Pheonix

 So, here at Pip and Lola's we love the variety of handcraft vendors that are here at the store.  In honor of the season we wanted to start off our vendor introduction with a local artist by the name of Christina Hughes.

Christina came into mask making through her experience within theatre. In college, she studied costume design at Western Washington University. Now she plies this trade at a variety of local theatres making costumes for shows that are produced in the area.  She currently studies non-profit management at the UW Tacoma and works as a union stagehand.

Mask making is a great way for Christina to let off some creative steam. They are also a way to craft something both beautiful and practical.

 All of her masks are made of leather and are designed to be worn instead of just hanging on a wall and looking pretty.  However, they do make wonderful decorations as well.  No matter what purpose you decide upon, we are sure that you will love the look and feel of these wonderful creations.

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