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Sunday, September 9, 2012

When was the last time YOU were at the Freighthosue Square?

Okay, for those of you who have not been inundated with our Facebook posts or who have not read previous posts here on the blog and thus do not know all the fun and exciting news, Pip & Lola's Everything Homemade has a retail location!

It all started out in July with a soft opening and about ten local artists in a 600 square foot space. It has now been two months for us here at the Freighthouse Square.  In that time we have added another 20 local artists to our list of vendors and another 600 square feet.  Our number of types of soaps that we have made now numbers 80. We have NO SELF CONTROL!

As the holiday season approaches we are hoping to remind people that Freighthouse Square is still alive and kicking! There is a growing variety of stores here and you are sure to find most of the items you need for all your gift giving (even if the gift is for yourself). From handcrafts to computer repair; resale clothing to chainmail jewelry, lingerie to candles, convenience items to art; and bibles to bakery items you can find just about anything you want. The question we have for you is, "When is the last time you were at the Freighthouse Square?" Don't you think it's time to come and see what is happening in your own back yard?

There is a monthly craft fair that also takes place in the Rainier Room down on the east end of the building. Every second Saturday of the month the craft fair takes place. Come on down and help it grow by either shopping or being a vendor.

So, that all being said we invite you to come to the store and see what is going on! Remember, if you like us on Facebook and then come to the store and tell us you can get a free tiny soap as a thank you!

Until then, stay sudsy and keep it clean!

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